Get your Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™ – a first of its kind

Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™, the ideal style collection this holiday season

24 awesome pairs of socks. Enjoy a new surprise pair every day.

Do you want to impress your friends and co-workers with your fresh, fancy style? Or maybe you just hate doing laundry? Perhaps you just love the way new socks feel? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™ is right for you. For the second year, Sock Box has curated an exclusive, limited collection of socks for our annual celebration. Learn more now.

What is the Sock Lovers Advent Calendar?

This first collection of its kind! 24 fancy, fresh, awesome pairs of mens socks conveniently packaged for a new surprise pair every day.

It’s the easiest, most affordable way to get a new pair of socks every day. It will ensure that whether you’re at the office or a friends place for a holiday party, your feet will always be fresh.

And no, not all of the socks are holiday themed. In fact, you’ll want to wear them all year long.

Only 100 collections available.

Don’t worry about duplicates

With an exclusive collection just for our Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™ you won’t have to worry about duplicate sock styles from our Sock of the Month Club. We’ve taken great care to bring you 24 designs that have never been shipped to our members. And the styles in the Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™ won’t be shipped out during 2017 either. You can rest easy knowing that your awesome style will be preserved. As a bonus, we’ve even added some new suppliers, just for this package.

Always ready, for every day

The holidays can be hectic. From rushing to the mall for gifts, a friends place for a party, and of course you can’t forget work. It feels like there’s less time than normal. Always have a fresh pair of awesome, stylish socks for work or the weekend. Forget about the laundry.

Variety is the spice of life

New and exciting experiences make life more interesting and the Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™ delivers with 24 designs and patterns. Dinosaurs, stripes, argyle, polkadots and more. The variety of designs will make every day a little more awesome.

Quality materials

All of our suppliers are trusted names in the industry with a great record of quality materials and manufacturing. You can put your feet up and relax.

The Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™ contains

over $300 worth of socks!

You just might need a new sock drawer.

Did we mention free shipping?

As crazy as it sounds, we include shipping in our prices. Why? Because we hate buying things and having shipping added on. Whether you’re in Abbotsford, BC or Zurich, ON we’ve got your shipping covered – and include tracking with your Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™ purchase.

On sale September 20, 2016

Early Bird until October 14

$ 9.54

per pair
  • $229 total, including shipping
  • 24-pairs of socks
  • unique to Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™
  • no duplicates
  • excitement every day

Regular On & after October 15

$ 10.37

per pair
  • $249 total, including shipping
  • 24-pairs of socks
  • unique to Sock Lovers Advent Calendar
  • no duplicates
  • excitement every day
The fine print: Orders received after November 15, 2016 may not arrive before December 1 in some remote areas of Canada. Watch your email for shipping notification, including tracking information. All Sock Lovers Advent Calendars™ include tracking from Canada Post. Prices include shipping and handling fees but are subject to taxes; nobody can escape Canada Revenue Agency. Images in the page are for illustrative purposes only. Sock styles seen on this page will not be in the collection. That’s a surprise after all.