We have them too. Here’s a few of our most popular ones.


Is the Lifetime Membership right for me?

We have 3 main criteria that you need to meet before we can fulfill the Lifetime Membership:

  • Your shipping address is in Canada
  • You have a love of awesome socks
  • You have a sense of adventure to try sock styles outside your comfort zone
How often do I receive my socks?

You’ll receive one pair of socks per month, typically by the third week of the month.

How do I select mens or womens?

Lifetime Membership is available in both men’s and women’s. Please select the appropriate option above when ordering.

Do I get all my socks at once?

Approximately every 26-45 days you’ll receive a shipment. This process will repeat itself indefinitely until such time the membership terminates.

How is my Lifetime Membership shipped?

Each Lifetime Membership shipment we send will be packaged carefully, and sent via Canada Post Lettermail.

Any a la carte items you select will ship complete with tracking information.

Monthly vs. Yearly – what's the difference?

Whether you select the monthly or yearly option, you’ll receive an awesome pair of socks each month.

The main difference is just billing. If you select monthly, you’ll be charged each month until you say stop. If you select yearly, you’ll be charged annually. Your Lifetime Membership is paid once, in full upon check out.

What about shipping costs?

Just like all our Sock of the Month membrships we sell at we include the price of shipping. So the price you see, is the price you pay – plus taxes of course.

What about returns or exchanges?

We stand behind our products and know that the quality of socks you receive will last at least the day – but often many months longer.

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or exchanges on socks that come as a part of your Lifetime Membership that may not be your preferred design or style.

We will however work with you to minimize styles you dislike, and truly get to know your style better. Of course, we will ocassionally insert a pair to push your comfort zone, because that’s where the fun really begins.

What are some of the exclusive brands?

We’re still finalizing our roster of brands. Some of the brands we’re in negotiations with include Cole + Parker, Pantherella, Bugatchi, Falke, Corgi, Stance, and more.

How long is a lifetime?

A lifetime can be a very long time. We started shipping socks five years ago. The average life expectancy in Canada is just over 82 years. We recommend you subtract your age from 82, then divide it into 995 and then 12.

Here’s an example based on our founder:

Life Expectancy – Current Age = Years Remaining
82 – 41 = 41

Price of Membership / Years Remaining / Months in Year = Average Per Pair
$995 / 41 / 12 = $2.02/pair

And all that math doesn’t take into consideration the extra savings, and exclusive offers.

Can I transfer my membership?

In short, no. Membership is non-transferable and expires upon death of the member, or closure of the business; whichever occurs first.


Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us for answers.

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Coupons, discounts and store credit are ineligible for use on the Lifetime Membership. Our Lifetime Membership (“LM”) is offered on a first come, first served basis and includes up to one sock per month, for the lifetime of the member, or lifetime of the business. LM 10% instant savings discount is applied to all eligible items in your cart of the logged in user after membership is paid in full. Membership is non-transferable and expires upon death of the member, or closure of the business; whichever occurs first. We reserve the right to limit or expand enrolment in the future as deemed fit. We reserve the right to cancel this product and promotion at any time offering refunds as appropriate. Taxes extra. Free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. First paid, first served. While quantities last.