How it Works

Sock Box is simple. In a few simple steps, sign up and start receiving a pair or two of our unique and awesome socks each month. Scouring the department stores for the perfect sock can be a challenge, time consuming and quite boring. Just sit back, kick up your feet, and let us do the work.

Pick your subscription

Brighten up your own sock drawer, or add a blast of colour as a gift.

Customize and checkout

Pick your subscription length and number of styles you want to receive each month.

Open awesomeness

Each month we’ll deliver a random pair of colourful socks to your mailbox. Instead of just bills, now you can rip open your Sock Box awesomeness. No more department store lines required.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got the questions and we’ve got the answers.

Q: Can I gift this to a friend/loved one/enemy/co-worker?

A: Ummm, yes! Of course you can. We offer gift subscriptions for any occasion or person in your life. We’ll even include a custom message of your choosing with the first month, free of charge. We can even ship the first month in a nondescript package for a nominal fee with a “do not open until” sticker on it.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: The short answer; nope. The longer answer is that we stand behind our selection of styles and brands. With the month-to-month option you can cancel at any time. If you went for a longer term subscription and want to cancel at any point we’ll simply pro-rate the fees at the monthly rate and refund you the difference. Of course if you cancel, we’ll wonder why, but we won’t judge. Maybe you stuck around too long and we over filled your sock drawer? Hey, it could happen.

Q: If I go with the monthly option will I be charged each month, or is it a one-time thing?

A: You’ll be subscribed and billed each month. You can cancel at anytime, though no clue why you’d want to.

Q: What about the women?

A: Great question. In fact exactly one-year from launch we’ve added a women’s collection to start shipping January 2016. No longer is Sock Box just for the men! In fact we might even offer a collection just for kids (have you seen how fast they destroy and/or lose and/or colour and/or well, you get the point? We just need to know that the demand is there.

Q: What are the Sock Box subscription socks made from?

A: Quality is your short answer. All the manufacturers and brands that we work with have high quality products that we stand behind, or in, or on at Sock Box. I’ve personally tried every brand of sock that we offer. Of course, the socks you receive monthly will be brand new, never worn or tested on my feet. We all think that’s a good thing.

Depending on the sock each month (our suppliers vary intentionally), our socks are typically made of a blend roughly as follows:

  • 70-85% combed cotton
  • 10-28% nylon/polymide
  • 2-5% spandex/elastane

Of course, these are only a guideline and actual suppliers will vary their materials and may include wool blends or even cashmere.

Q: And will there be any designs with cats on them?

A: We’ve found socks with bacon, robots, polkadots, stripes and more, though not all on the same sock. We will inform the animal control and start looking for cats to have on our socks too. That’s the beauty of random socks each month, you just never know what you might get.

Q: Do I get to pick and choose my socks? Maybe there’s a pair that I won’t feel comfortable in wearing, or that don’t match my wardrobe. Can I return that months selection and extend out my sock purchases?

A: No picking or choosing, unless you mean your friends. Each month our sock stylists carefully choose the pairs that will be sent out randomly. We’re pretty confident you’ll like them, keeping in mind that they’re fun, bright and colourful. You can check out designs of thousands of socks we’ve shipped before. If for some reason you don’t like them, know that they’d make a great gift or donation to someone in need. That said, we’re investigating the return option, but that really takes the fun out of the random surprise.

Q: What size are your socks?

A: Did you know that most socks are one size fits most? Neither did we when we first started looking at suppliers for Sock Box. But in all reality, it’s true. For the men, most socks will comfortably fit a  size 7-12 foot. For the women it’s a size 5-10 foot that will be most comfortable in our socks. And those are the sizes that we ship. It means that we can pass the value on to you in savings on stocking the “one size” that will fit most. It also makes it easier to buy them as a gift for the hard to buy guy in your life.

Q: How much does a pair of socks cost for the monthly membership?

A: We’ve done the math to break it down for you:

  Men One Pair Men Two Pairs Women One Pair Kids Two Pair
Monthly $13.00 $12.00 $13.00 $9.00
12-Months $12.17 $11.50 $12.17 $8.29
24-Months $11.00 $10.00 $11.00  
  Prices effective August 8, 2019. Prepaid price per pair, on same order. Subject to change. Plus applicable taxes.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: On all of our Sock of the Month packages shipping is included in your monthly subscription. On wallets, self-selected socks, or anything else in our shop – shipping is included on orders of $50 or more (excluding taxes). Why wouldn’t we make it easy for you to budget what you’ll pay each month. This also includes the 3-, 6-, 9-, 12- and 24-month gift options as well as those for yourself.

Q: What shipping method is used?

A: We ship almost exclusively with Canada Post because they can reach every address in Canada. Our monthly socks ship through Canada Post Lettermail to keep costs low. Shipping to the USA is by USPS. When you order anything other than a subscription from our shop, we ship with Canada Post Expedited Parcel. You can find out more info in our Shipping & Returns Policy.

Q: How do I change my address?

A: Super simple. Send an email to and one of our awesome Coordinators of Awesomeness will get that adjusted for you so you won’t miss out on any of your awesome socks in the mail. While we will do our best to intercept and correct orders before they ship, this may not always be possible. Always try to submit your address change before the 24th of the month, for the following month shipment.

Q: Where do you ship from and on what dates do you ship?

A: We’re headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and handle all of our shipments locally. Our first wave of shipments goes out as close to the beginning of the month as possible – typically within the first full week. We tend to ship out additional waves every four to five days for orders placed after we’ve closed the first round until the final 10 days of the month. We know how badly you want some awesome socks. Depending on where you are in our awesome country it takes about 5-10 business days for them to be delivered to your mailbox by Canada Post.

Q: What about holiday/Christmas shipping? Do I need to wait a whole month?

A: For our Sock of the Month membership, we’ve further enhanced our standard mailing service for the holidays in 2020 — for free of course. Our standard shipping policy and deadlines for pick your pair applies, which is that we’ll ship it by the next day.

Order Date Processing Date Shipping Date
November 22 – December 1 December 2 December 4
December 1 – 6 December 7 December 8
December 7 – 13 December 14 December 15*
December 14 – 20† December 21 December 22
December 21 – 31 January 2 January 7
*last shipping date for arrival before Christmas to most major centres in Canada
†we will do our best to expedite the processing of orders received after December 13, however if you purchase we recommend our gift slip (PDF), just to be prepared
Dates are subject to change and are used as a guideline. Canada Post lettermail delivery standards apply to delivery time once leaving our warehouse and are not a guarantee.

Next day order processing will be given priority to pick your pairs, followed by Sock of the Month orders. The above is a guideline only.

Q: When should I expect my socks?

A: That’s the million dollar question. Our process will change from time to time, but for the time being here’s what you can expect. You will always get a pair of socks for each month you’ve paid for. We typically do one main mailing at the beginning of the month, and then smaller weekly mailings for orders placed by the second last Sunday. Canada Post says they take 5-10 business days to deliver your awesome socks, but we’ve seen people get them next day. It’s not perfect, but you will get your socks.

Q: I bought them as a gift and will be empty handed now?

A: Have no fear, our customizable gift receipt (PDF) is here to the rescue. Just download it, fill in the blanks and print it on your printer. Voila! Crisis averted. We recommend using free Adobe Acrobat to complete the PDF.

Q: Do you ship outside of Canada?

A: No used to be the answer; sort of is the new answer. Beginning May 11, 2020 we will begin shipping to the USA. We’ve had many requests from our Canadian members that want to share the excitement with American friends and family that we decided we’d give it a try. We’re a proud Canadian company, happy to help make the world a more awesome place.

Q: What currency am I charged?

A: Payment and taxes are based on the shipping address. For all shipments with a Canadian destination, you will be charged in CAD. This is the default currency on our website. You will also be charged GST/HST/PST/RST based on the tax laws for the final province. For all other countries, USD is the currency that you will be charged in.

Q: What about customs and import taxes?

A: As a Canadian company, we’re required to bill based on provincial and federal tax rates. With a Canadian shipping address the taxes will be paid on the order, and there is no duty charged. For all countries outside of Canada, the recipient is responsible for all duty and taxes their respective government may levy.

Q: What about returns, or further shipping information?

A: We’ve spent a lot of time to work out a shipping & return policy to help address any questions you might have. It takes precedence over anything you might have come across in this FAQ.

Q: I’ve got more questions, who can I ask for answers?

A: Ask Zoltar ? for your wish. Or you can head over to our contact page and get in touch with us through any one of the many methods listed there.

Updated: May 6, 2020