When to give socks as a gift (and when you shouldn’t!)

We may be biased, but we think a sockbox.ca subscription is nearly always the perfect gift. From birthdays to big life events, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re gifting awesome socks to someone you love (or have no idea what to buy for. We’re looking at you, dad-who-has-everything). Here’s our suggestions for when you should give socks as a gift, and a few circumstances when you shouldn’t!

It’s someone’s special day

Birthday, anniversary, graduation, stag party, we could go on and on. If it’s someone’s special day, the gift of socks will surprise and delight them. Our monthly subscriptions deliver one or two pairs of socks to the lucky recipient, for your choice of 3, 6, 12, or 24 months.

Your mother is allergic to flowers

Bouquets are out, socks are in. Give your mom a Mother’s Day gift this year that doesn’t die in a few weeks or bring on an allergy attack.

You dad has too many ties

Skip the tie this Father’s Day – he’s got too many already. But what he doesn’t have enough of? Fun socks. Up your dad’s sock game with a subscription this June.

They’ll stand by you (literally and figuratively)

If you’re getting married this year, check out our Groomsmen Deal. We’ll work with you to create a custom package, matching your wedding colours if you want, and making your groomsmen’s feet look awesome on the big day. Follow it up with a monthly gift subscription to show your appreciation.

You forgot to get a gift

On your way to your best buddy’s birthday bash and realizing you forgot to get him a gift? sockbox.ca to the rescue! Sign him (or her) up online while you Uber over to the party, and we’ll include a custom message of your choosing with the first delivery.

Random act of Socks

Do you need a reason? Sometimes an unexpected gift can make the biggest impact. Surprise someone in your life with a random act of socks.

Your kid is off to college

They’re flying the nest and you know they’ll be wearing holes in their socks and losing them at the laundry mat. Ease your mind and keep their sock supply fresh with a monthly delivery.

When NOT to give socks

We hate to admit it, but socks don’t always send the right message. Here are some of the circumstances in which you may want to refrain from sending socks:

  • A retirement gift for your boss heading to the tropics. No one wears socks to the beach, no matter how cool they are. Those great socks will just languish away in the back of his drawer, and what is more sad than that?
  • A birthday gift for your brother in jail. Our socks are way too fun and colourful to be behind bars, and may clash with his jumpsuit, it’s best to save them for his release.
  • To cheer up a friend who was fired from their dream job. A sockbox.ca subscription will just rub in the fact that they don’t have an office to wear their fancy socks too. (Although, would they be perfect for job interviews? Maybe we need to rethink this one…)

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