What’s the Benefit of 27,929 Socks?

In October 2019 we announced that for every pair of socks we shipped moving forward, 25¢ would be donated to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre so that we could help conquer cancer in our lifetime. And while some might say a quarter isn’t a lot, it all adds up.

Between October 1 through December 16 we’ve shipped out 27,929 pairs of socks.

With an average length of 13″ (33 cm) you could lay them end-to-end and have enough to line the boards of more than 53 NHL hockey* rinks…but the puck likely wouldn’t bounce properly.

The total number of socks includes several hundred free pairs that we’ve delivered for events like 850 pairs for the annual RE/MAX CMN Activate Conference held in Banff, AB this past October. Other promotional marketing efforts are also included, as well as custom socks we’ve designed and shipped.

What it really means is we’ve donated $6,982.25 to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

We truly appreciate every single purchase you make, and gift you give this holiday season. And we’re even more thankful that together we can help make a difference.

For me personally, thank you. Thank you for your support and for allowing us to give back. I’ve lost too many to this evil disease, and know we can make a difference.




*NHL rinks are 200 feet long, 85 feet wide. Our calculation did not take into consideration the circumference of the corners, so the number of rinks would increase.

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