How to never lose socks in the wash again

You know the story. You’re folding your laundry, fresh out of the dryer, and when you come to the end of the basket you’re left holding one sock with no match in sight. Do dryers really eat socks? Is there a mysterious land of mismatched socks just beyond your laundry room? Probably not, so check out our advice on how to never lose socks in the wash again.

Strategically placed laundry baskets

Before you go blaming your washing machine for gobbling up socks, make sure you had them to begin with. If your family has trouble getting every sock to the wash, think about leaving a small basket next to where you take off your shoes, for discarded socks to be tossed in to. Having laundry baskets strategically placed will up the chances of every sock making it to the wash.

Pin them together

The surest way to ensure two go in, and two come out, is by using a safety pin to secure each pair together. The bonus is that it makes matching socks a breeze when they come out of the dryer. The downside to this method? Adding an extra step to an already time-consuming chore isn’t always appealing.

Bag ‘em up

Use a mesh laundry bag designed for washing delicates and zip them all in together. One bag of socks in, one bag of socks out. This method also makes folding laundry go smoother, but without the added step of pinning.

Shake it out

Your missing sock may have made it safely through the wash only to be tucked away in your linen closet. Staticky socks can easily get stuck in the corners of fitted sheets, inside sweater sleeves, up a pant-leg, and more, so be sure to give everything a good shake before folding.

How do you keep your socks from going MIA? If the worst does happen, and matches in your sock drawer are dwindling, be sure to check out our monthly sock subscriptions!

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