How to match fancy socks with your work suit

Our Sock of the Month socks are unabashedly fun, bright and colourful, and they can add an unexpected pop of excitement to your everyday workwear. If you’re ready to break free from wearing boring black socks to work, read on for our ideas on pairing your fancy socks with your work suit.

Pattern play

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Stop different patterns from competing with each other by keeping the colours cohesive. You could pair a blue argyle with a blue and white polka dot, or a pink stripe with a rose-coloured floral. It also helps to break patterns up with a neutral item, so wear a solid pant between your patterned sock and patterned dress shirt, rather than adding a third pattern into the mix.

Go monochromatic

Achieve a polished look with a lean towards monochromatic dressing. A monochromatic outfit is composed of different shades of the same colour, so pair a grey suit with a pair of socks that have a grey background or pattern.

Colour Theory

Pay attention to complimentary colours. It works in art, and it will work in your wardrobe. Complementary colours are the colours that are opposite to each other on a traditional colour wheel. Purple pairs with yellow, blue with orange, and red with green. So those bold yellow socks? Pair them with your lavender dress shirt.

Tie them in

Tie in your socks to your work suit– with a tie! Pull one or more of the colours or patterns on your feet up to the tie around your neck. Instant outfit cohesion.

Break the rules

All that being said, there is no wrong way to wear your socks to work. Don’t take dressing so seriously, and own those wonderfully bold socks. You can’t go wrong when you wear them with confidence

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