9 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019

As a dad, there’s no better day than Father’s Day – you get to sleep in, get served breakfast in bed, mow the lawn, play with power tools, and watch some baseball (insert Tim Taylor grunting here). If this is your Father’s Day, then I want to know because it’s nothing like my usual day.

What I can say is that I’m often spoiled on Father’s Day with gifts, and meals. I’ve compiled 9 of my favourite Father’s Day Gift Ideas over the years, as well as some that I’m open to receiving this year.

Anything Amazon

While Amazon has so many things, it just makes sense to start with Father’s Day specific gifts. And with two-day shipping included for Amazon Prime Members, it’ll get you a gift quickly – though sorting through 800,000+ options might take a while. That’s why we’ve created this list to narrow things down.

Leather Says Love

I currently rotate between two different Bellroy Wallets. For years I wanted a Low Down. It’s sleek design, and slim profile was perfect for my pocket. Then as we started to travel more I realized I was carrying my Nexus card more often and wanted some RFID protection. That’s when I started carrying the Hide & Seek model. The last couple of years have started to wear on the leather, and the look has become even better. I’m often asked about my wallet when I have it out to pay. And you’re in luck – purchase any Bellroy Wallet and get $20* to spend on all socks in our shop. $84.95-$149.95

Love Every Month

Forget about celebrating dad on just one day. Why not celebrate him all year long with a Sock of the Month gift? Since 2014 sockbox.ca has been sending out awesome socks every month. Choose from one or two unique pairs every month to remind dad just how much he’s loved. There’s a smile guaranteed each month when he receives something that’s NOT a bill in the mail. And if you’re a last minute shopper, you can even download, customize and print a gift slip – how perfect is that?

And until the end of June, when you gift dad (or anyone) a gift and include the coupon code “FUNNYDAD” you’ll get a free pair too! More details found here. $39-$480

A Lot of Love at Once

With over 200 styles of men’s socks to choose from, I’m certain that you’ll be able to find a few pairs dad will love. Heading into summer, a no show sock is a popular choice, but there’s nothing quite like a classic crew sock for everyday wear at the office, or around the house. And when you order is $50 or more, expedited shipping is included for free. $10-65

Loving Gift Certificates

Father’s Day gifts don’t need to be expensive, just thoughtful. Some of the best gives have been from my daughter that she’s come up with on her own. Since she’ll be 11 by the time Father’s Day 2019 rolls around (now I’m feeling old), she’s grown up with technology. There have been several times that she’s done her own research to find creative gift certificates or coupons that I can redeem for various rewards. As a dad, these are great. They give me something that I love to take advantage of, and work with my frugal budget price point. Just download [PDF], print, give. If you need more info, check out this post. $0 (not including printing)

Love His Feet

When I get to dress up, I’m always excited to pull on a pair of Poppy Barley shoes. Known largely for their women’s collection, the men haven’t been left behind. My go to is The Jasper Derby Tan – what a truly amazing, and comfortable shoe. If you don’t know about Poppy Barley, then let me introduce you to them. Poppy Barley designs shoes for kick-ass men and women who always show up and don’t have time for sore feet. Most dress shoes that I’ve had in the past will work well for an eight-hour day; barely. I managed to wear them for almost 24-hours straight between airports, flights, and cobblestone roads. All I can say is it felt like I was wearing nothing at all. And they held up extremely well – something I’d expect from expertly handcrafted shoes. $398-$425

Love the Tech

Being named Marshall has a number of pros to it. It’s obvious that I’ll never be the one in charge like the Sherif. It also means I need to have a love of all things named Marshall. That includes my Marshall Stanmore Speaker. I was super fortunate to receive this as a joint birthday & Father’s Day gift in 2014. The sound fills any room that it’s in and connects with Bluetooth, and can even be wired in. $178+ depending on version & size.

Then came my Marshall Fridge in 2017. It’s regularly stocked with cold, tasty adult beverages and is the perfect addition to the “man cave” at home. I’m on the lookout for another one to add at the office, or maybe just a double stack at home. $599.99

While it wasn’t received as a Father’s Day gift, I did receive a Google Home Mini as a Christmas gift in 2017. In fact everyone in our house received a mini, or a full-sized Google Home. It seemed like overkill initially, but now we can’t imagine living without them. We can broadcast messages between them like an intercom, instead of yelling throughout the house. I can stream music to multiple speakers and create a whole-home audio experience at a fraction of the cost of other systems. And surprisingly, the sound is pretty good for such a small device. $79-$129

Love His Mind

A few years ago my wife started journaling. I’m all for trying new things, but it wasn’t something I was in to. On numerous podcasts I’d heard about journaling and the positive impacts the Five Minute Journal had on people’s lives, relationships, and businesses. In January of this year I received one as a piece of conference swag that I attended. It is probably the single best swag I have ever received. I used it every day for 3 months straight. I thought that I wasn’t seeing any results from using it, so consciously took a month off. I can say that month off was not a great time and that I’m back using the Five Minute Journal every day. It has literally changed my life, and my mind. Why not get one for dad? $28.99

Love His Smell

Sweaty hockey bags. Smelly shoes. Grass stained jeans. There are plenty of dad smells that anyone can live without. Now for this Father’s Day gift idea, you might have to take dad shopping. My scent of choice is Oud Wood by Tom Ford. It wasn’t a quick choice as there were so many great options to choose from, and the scent changed from the bottle on my skin – which is why you might have to take him shopping. It’s available at most Sephora and Holt Renfrew locations, as well as select online retailers. $51+ depending on size of bottle.

What Do You Think?

I know I missed a few things, and that each dad is different. I’m hoping that you’ve at least drawn some inspiration of Father’s Day Gift Ideas from this post. Let me know in the comments below what you think of the list, and other things to include.

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